Limedrop Events is a boutique full-service wedding design and planning company located in Rochester, New York.  

Think of us as a wedding concierge - creative designers, budgetary geniuses, logistical magicians, facilitators, fact-checkers, pinterest stalkers, problem solvers, list-makers and a resource center for everything you know you need and for things that you may not have considered yet. 

We've been designing weddings for several years and we have the experience and the know-how to design and execute wedding ceremonies and receptions in a more unique setting such as an empty field or private locations as easily as hosting the wedding at a more traditional wedding venue.

A little more about me -   I’m Lisa Murley and I have always been a planner, job title or not....  I can’t function without sticky notes and I get an inordinate amount of satisfaction when I cross things off my to-do list.   I also spend way too much time on Pinterest and reading home decor and wedding design blogs...

What's with our crazy name? 

We always get asked about the name of our business because it’s so unique.  We think the name that we came up with gives you an idea on how we think about things differently and how we take the time to think about the very small stuff... and why your wedding will be unlike any other if we work together...



Let's chat about your wedding and what you might need...

We offer a complimentary consultation to talk about your wedding and where you are in terms of planning and wish-lists.  It's a casual conversation, but chock-full of great information.  We'll listen to your ideas and provide insight on how to approach any challenges and establish a realistic timeline and budget for you.  The meeting can be in person or over the phone or via Skype.

We offer two packages with differing levels of support.

Full Service Design, Planning and Coordination:  perfect for the couples that live out of town, have insane schedules, are unsure about how to translate Pinterest to real life or just don't feel like chasing all the details down. 

Month of Confirmation and Coordination:  for the couple that loves planning and figuring it out as they go and just would like some help towards the end to ensure a flawless day.

Download a PDF of the packages here



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