blogging, take 2

Soooo, I had started a blog about 5 years ago and pretty much immediately broke the oft-mentioned cardinal rule about posting regularly.  In retrospect, I think I felt overwhelmed by my own expectation of having to craft long, funny, useful posts.  My expectations seemed perfectly reasonable to me until I was a few posts in... and then.... crickets.  

Adding to that, my old website was built on a platform that made posting difficult.  Not impossible, but really, really difficult.

After some radio silence, I just quietly removed the blog page from my website and slunk away.  

But I'm back!  With a more relaxed set of expectations (see, older and wiser).  And a blog platform that is simple enough for me to use without killing 2 hours of my day.  I really don't have any idea where this blog is headed, but I am hoping for a great balance between amusing anecdotes, being a little braggy about my wonderful brides and vendor partners and sharing a few lessons learned.....