Weddings at home

There's something really special about a wedding at home.  It just feels more intimate and personal by making that one single decision.  And it is more special.  It's amazing to have a ceremony in a picturesque spot in your own yard and dinner under a tent on your own property.  And hey, no travel time needed.

But it's a lot, and I mean a lot more work than just sashaying into a normal venue for your ceremony and reception.  I mean, we have to build this venue ourselves.  We need to think about some things that you never see discussed on wedding blogs and magazines.  Things like toilets and power draw and parking.  Yep, these conversations are decidedly dull, but-oh-so necessary for a flawless event.  A few tips below for people thinking about having a wedding at home.

First off, let's just get candid about the costs.  This type of wedding is way more expensive. We are building out a custom space for 24 hours.  We need to rent tents, tables. chairs, linens, china, kitchen equipment, lighting, dance floor, power and toilets.  Just to get started.  You'll need more than this. 

So let's chat about some things that you need to think about.  The good news is that this is all doable.

Power.  We need several dedicated circuits for vendors - the catering equipment, the band/DJ, the lighting, toilet trailers, the coffee pots etc.  Some homes may have enough dedicated circuits, some may not.  Even when you have enough circuits, they may not be located where you need them.  You don't want long extension cords snaking across the property.  No bueno.  Consider a generator for a guaranteed source of power. 

Toilets.  The trailers which are much nicer need power and water. The porta potty's don't.  But who wants to go inside a porta potty dressed in their wedding best?  Yuck.  Or 200 people using one bathroom inside the house?  Who wants to clean that after the wedding? 

Parking.  Consider valet.  It's one of the least expensive line items on a wedding budget.  Even if you have a huge grassy area for guests to park in, it's tough to locate your car in the dark after a few cocktails.  And then you have to navigate through the parking area where other guests have parked willy-nilly.  The valet is a wonderful welcoming touch, making things easier on your guests when they first arrive.  We always ask the valet to move all the cars closer at the end of the evening so that the remaining guests don't need to walk very far at the end of the night. 

Oh - another thing.  The yard gets trampled on quite a bit.  Between vehicles on the lawn and a few hundred people, the lawn will need some recovery time.  And there will be some post-wedding clean-up.  Random things get left all over the yard - glasses, jackets, phones etc. 

Home weddings are wonderful - just give some thought to the items that will make your entire day go smoothly.  Or call us - we've done this a few times :) 

A few pictures from some home weddings that were fantastic.  Photography by Nickel City Photography, Tory Williams Photography, John Larkin Photography, McKay's Photography and FotoImpressions.