Bringing the Outdoors In

Sometimes, you want the best of both worlds. The comfort and ease of an indoor space coupled with the feeling of being outside.  It's doable. Here are some of our favorite ways:

  • Trees and bistro lighting.  Local nurseries will rent trees. String some lights and you immediately create a warm and intimate space that feels like it could be outside.  The trees can also be up-lit which will throw gorgeous shadows around the room
  • Hang swags of greenery – it brings a high ceiling down and add some magical dimensional detail
  • Float flowers in a water feature
  •  Hang floral and votive chandeliers – gorgeous wooden planks with draping floral and candles. It feels like a secret garden
  • Use boxwood to delineate space or as a stunning backdrop
  • Greened up details – greenery on stair railings or a fireplace mantel
  • Natural runners on the table – trailing eucalyptus and flowers down the middle of the table
  • Potted floral and succulents
  • Heaps of herbs, fruits and vegetables